Application Process

Plymouth Fringe Festival 2020 Information for Companies and Application Process


There are four main venues for Plymouth Fringe Festival.

  • Barbican Theatre has a capacity of 110 on raked seating. The playing space is 9m x 8m and features shallow wings on both sides and a sprung dance floor, crossover and a high celing.
  • The Lab is Theatre Royal Plymouth‘s contemporary studio space with a capacity of 40 and a playing space of 8m x 3m. The venue has some areas of low ceiling at 2.4m. There are no wings but there is an offstage area behind the audience.
  • The House is positioned at the heart of the University of Plymouth campus. A state of the art studio space, it has a capacity of 40, a playing space of 10m x 4m and a sprung dance floor.
  • We will also this year be programming work throughout the week in Theatre Royal Plymouth‘s Drum Theatre which has a capacity of 175 seats.

Programme Schedule

The festival programme will be designed to enable audiences to see as many productions as possible. The festival team will allocate date/s, venue and timeslot/s for your show. Most companies are programmed for two performances on consecutive days. However, on occasion we may decide to programme local companies on non-consecutive dates if capacity is restricted.

Significant changes in running time between those stated on the application and the actual performance can adversely affect the schedule of the day that includes your performance so we encourage artists to be mindful of this as the work develops.

As a guide the majority of shows will be between 40-60 minutes. This does not mean you cannot apply with a shorter/longer show, however there will be limited slots available.

We aim to have contacted all companies who applied by Friday 13th March 2020 following programming meetings.


Successful applicants are required to sign a contract with Plymouth Fringe Festival. This will set out dates, times, venue for your production etc. Please read this carefully and ensure that it is signed correctly and returned by the date shown.

Production Requirements

During the festival, most venues will have multiple performances on the same day. Therefore shows will have to be able to get in and out within a short change around time. Technical rehearsal will usually be 1 hour 30 minutes, and take place on the day of the 1st performance (we may have a few technical rehearsals for local companies earlier if this increases capacity).

The main performance spaces will have a basic festival rig, a limited number of specials may be available. As a result of venue sharing, dressing room space and set storage are limited.

Each venue will have a house manager and technician however companies are responsible for providing/contracting their own op for the show (the technician will assist in programming the lights but you will need someone who knows the show to run it). We will provide contact details for local technicians that companies can contract to run their shows.


If you are offered performances slots you will be required to provide copy for our brochure and website as well as a high-quality image. Companies are not required to provide print but this may help sell tickets for your show. As a guide no more than 10 posters and 250 leaflets should be produced. We will assist companies and artists who are not local to Plymouth to distribute these.

Artist Standby Tickets

We hope that artists will attend as many of the other shows as possible, as well as workshops. Artists will be given a festival pass which entitles them to standby tickets to any shows which are not sold out at the reduced price of £2 immediately prior to the performance.

Any questions? Having trouble? Get in touch!